Writing great cold emails with Kevin Ramani

04 Jun 2023


There are a lot of emails already, and nobody likes to read them. The quality of emails is going down, less than 1.5% of emails end up in opportunities. It is also ok to send on weekends as most execs have flooded box on Tue-Wed and they clean it on weekends.

Main parts of an email


The subject is the most important thing in the email as it affects the open rates (<30% is bad, 30-40% is ok, >40% is good). Personalization is great (e.g. name), but the format also matters: no caps, no marketing speak, the misspelling is good sometimes, and humor and jokes are good as well. Basically, try anything that might help standing out of a crowd of similar sales emails, try to intrigue and force them to open.

But don’t lie, don’t deceive, and don’t do obvious clickbait like:

Some examples:

For follow-ups:


Don’t write more than 2 paragraphs, be personal and brief. Prospect will have those questions so use answers on them to structure your email:

Call to action

CTA should be strong and personalized. Bad one: “Your team could benefit from it”. CTA should eliminate decisions and complexity, it should be something simple like clicking the link or clicking reply and answering a given question.

A good tactic is to lower the expectation bar by adding something like “Does this in general sound interesting to you?”

Follow up

A follow-up strategy should be developed before sending the first email. There should not be more than 3-4 follow-ups in total. Keep them short. The best time to follow up is Friday afternoon. Try different value propositions, like company updates. Stay persistent with your messages, it shows your personality as well.

The general strategy is if the prospect replied positively once, we should engage until we have a binary yes/no answer.

If still not responding to follow-ups, try these:

Never make the prospect feel guilty because of not replying to you. Always stay friendly and nice.


too much data entry

Hey Gob,

My name is Kevin and I’m reaching out to see if the Bluth Company sales team is struggling with too much data entry. Close.io is a CRM that automatically logs all your calls and emails so your reps can spend more time selling.

We’ve recently helped the Sitwell Enterprises sales team increase sales productivity by 28% and I am hopeful we can do the same for you. Does this in general sound interesting to you?

If so, are you open to hopping on a quick call this Thursday or Friday afternoon?


Kevin Ramani